Built-in filtration sink mixerS
SOLVING our customers' problems

This revolutionary product comprises a pull-out style kitchen tap with a water filter inside it,
eliminating the need for a water filter separate from your kitchen tap.

Our customers told us they wished they could get filtered water straight from the tap,
and we responded by creating what is now the number one product in Japan,
used continuously by 1.5 million people nationwide.

An easy way to have safe,
delicious water at your fingertips everyday

Chlorine is added to tap water as a necessary method of sterilisation.
However, it breaks down the vitamins in fruit and vegetables, and can also have an unpleasant
taste. Taqua's water filters remove chlorine and impurities from water but retain the minerals
your body needs, transforming tap water into water that tastes better and is safer to consume.
Don't settle for second best with any of the water you consume.

How is filtered water
different from bottled water?

Actually, bottled water is almost exactly the same as tap water in terms of mineral content and
hardness. Taqua's built-in filtration sink mixer removes the chlorine from tap water but keeps
the minerals, providing you with fresh, delicious water in your home every day.

Bottled water Company A 4.1 mg/L
Bottled water Company B 45.2 mg/L
Filtered water North Sydney, NSW 50.0 mg/L
Filtered water Lindfield, NSW 54.6 mg/L
Filtered water Clontarf, NSW 54.7 mg/L
Bottled water Company C 116.4 mg/L

Filtered water delivered
more comfortably and hygienically


Taqua's unique filtration channel and automatic cleaning system work to filter a massive
4 litres of water every minute. The sterilising ceramic materials also keep bacteria out of the filter tap, ensuring
the highest standard of cleanliness possible.

10 second
filter cartridge change

With Taqua's no-fuss cartridge replacement system, you can change your filter cartridge
in the blink of an eye! Simply remove the head as shown, take out the old cartridge
and insert a new one. It's a user-friendly, foolproof design.

Filter cartridges delivered to your doorstep
with our Regular Delivery Service

Our customers told us they sometimes forget to change their filter cartridge, or lose track
of when they last changed it. So we introduced our Regular Delivery Service, to ensure a new cartridge
arrives at customers' homes at an interval of their choosing. Customers can opt out
of the service or start it back up again.



$40 + GST (includes postage)
No. of major substances filtered 4
Filtration flow rate 4.0L/min
Total filtration capacity 1,200L
Min. water pressure required 50kPa
Types of major substances filtered
Free chlorine, musty odours, pesticides, soluble lead


$45 + GST (includes postage)
No. of major substances filtered 12
Filtration flow rate 3.0L/min
Total filtration capacity 1,200L
Min. water pressure required 50kPa
Types of major substances filtered
Free chlorine, musty odours, pesticides, soluble lead, Trihalomethanes, Chloroform, Bromodichloromethane, Dibromochloromethane, Bromoform, Tetrachloroethylene, Trichloroethylene, Trichloroethane

Saving you time, space, and money

The filtration system sits inside the tap, meaning it doesn't take up precious space in
your kitchen. And the retractable hose allows you to extend the tap, filter and all, from the base
so you can easily reach all corners of your sink. No more awkward splashes when rinsing dishes
for the dishwasher or filling up the kettle.