Filter cartridge functions and pricing


Does the filter get rid of fluoride?

+ -

No. Mineral substances containing fluoride are not included in the substances the filter removes.


Can I use it to filter hot water?

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If hot water passes through the filter, it may dislodge impurities that have attached to the cartridge during the filtration process. Therefore, it should only be used with cold water.


What is the difference between the standard cartridge and the Premium cartridge?

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The Standard type removes four types of impurities and the Premium removes 12 types of impurities, including substances such as trihalomethane.


How do I install the cartridge?

+ -

Please check the instructions on the cartridge package, or the video on our website.


How much do the cartridges cost?

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A standard type cartridge costs $40 (each cartridge lasts four months, making this a very affordable price of $10 per month).
A premium type cartridge costs $45. Click here to purchase.


What payment methods can I use for the cartridges?

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Please click here to purchase. Payment is settled in accordance with PayPal guidelines.

Filter cartridge regular delivery service


Where can I buy the cartridges?

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The cartridges are only available for purchase online. We deliver cartridges manufactured at our own factory to your home. Click here to purchase.


How often should I change the cartridge?

+ -

We recommend changing it about every four months, or every two to three months for heavy use or in areas with poor water quality.


How do I cancel or restart the regular delivery service?

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Cancelling or restarting your service can be done easily through the PayPal website.


How to Unsubscribe via PayPal

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We are unable to cancel any PayPal subscriptions for you. Please follow the steps below to cancel a PayPal subscription:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account at www.paypal.com.

  2. Click the Settings icon next to "Log out."

  3. Select Preapproved Payments under "Payment settings."

  4. Select the merchant whose agreement you want to cancel

  5. ...and click the Cancel Subscription button.

  6. Confirm your request to finalise the cancellation.


How do I change the delivery address for my cartridges?

+ -

Please change the delivery address on the PayPal website.


Can I change the period for delivery?

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You can cancel and restart your service via the PayPal website.

Built-in filtration sink mixer


Where can I buy the built-in filtration sink mixer?

+ -

Please click here for more details of your local retail shop.


How should the tap be installed in my kitchen?

+ -

Please see the installation manual that came with your tap. Installation should be performed by a qualified plumber.


I would like some written information about the built-in filtration sink mixer.

+ -

Please see our website, or click here to view our catalogue.


Where can I find my tap's lot number or manufacture number?

+ -

On the silver sticker fixed to the base of your tap where it meets the sink.


How can I detach the filter section of the tap from the flexible hose?

+ -

Pull the filter section of the tap out and twist the joint where it connects to the flexible hose.

Maintenance, troubleshooting


I have paid for my cartridge, but it hasn't arrived yet.

+ -

Please email us directly and we will investigate. Regular delivery takes 1-2 weeks


Part of my product is broken

+ -

Please email us directly and attach a photo showing the damaged part


My tap is leaking water

+ -

Please email us directly and attach a photo showing the leak. If the leak is serious, please turn off the water at the shut-off valve under your sink, if accessible.



Other enquiries

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If you have other questions or problems, please contact us.